HRP_2809 (2)

Before start your generating set, Read and understand the operation and maintenance manuals which is provided with your machine.

  • The regular service is every 250 running hours
  • The Generator must operate under the direct or indirect supervision of a person appointed by the operator, who is familiar with the operation of the facility, and the dangers and drawbacks of the products used or stored in the machine.
  • Never Start the engine without an air filter or exhaust.
  • Follow the maintenance time table and its instructions
  • Always use tools in good condition, which are suited to the work to be done. Ensure you have understood the instructions before beginning any operation.
  • Goggles should be worn when carrying out maintenance operations and watches, bracelets etc. should be removed.
  • Fit only original parts
  • Disconnect the battery and the pneumatic starter (if fitted) before undertaking any repairs, to prevent the engine from starting accidentally. Fit a panel over the controls to prevent any attempt to start.
  • Clean off any trace of oil, fuel or coolant using a clean cloth
  • Do not use a high-pressure cleaner for cleaning the engine and equipment. The radiator, hoses, electrical components, etc. may be damaged.
  • Avoid accidental contact with parts at high temperatures (exhaust manifold, exhaust).